Branding blogs are easy to implement but not easy to create. Fortunately, with a little effort and research, your work will be rewarded. Here’s a list of some of the best branding blogs for your reference, as well as some reasons blogs are so valuable.

Why Are Branding Blogs so Important?

As companies are well aware, exceptional branding creates customer loyalty, brand integrity and increased marketing success. By the same token, branding blogs are a crucial part of marketing and generating new interest in a company.

It’s important to visit branding blogs for two reasons. The first is it typically gives you new ideas on how to run your own blog. There are plenty of different layouts, themes, colors and content that might work for your specific creations. The second reason to visit branding blogs is they have great ideas on how to build a successful brand.

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Branding blogs can be crucial to success.

3 Interesting Branding Blogs to Check Out

There are plenty of blogs out there, though very few are successfully geared towards branding. I’ve gone through and found ones that have very unique features that will surely bring you success if used correctly.

1. Logo Design Love

Logo Design Love is a blog specifically aimed towards logo design and visual identity. Not only does it display some amazing posts that showcase some of the most beautiful brand logos, it also gives an in-depth breakdown of everything that went into the visual aspect. For example, the blog posts usually detail the background of the spotlighted company’s decisions that led to the creation of their logos.

This site is particularly helpful for companies who are either looking to create a unique logo or possibly thinking about upgrading their current design. Just a few minutes on Logo Design Love is enough to come away with a lot of different logo design possibilities. Definitely give this one a look if you’re focusing on the aesthetic.

A team of workers builds content.
Creating a logo is a team effort. Look to branding blogs for examples.

2. brandchannel

brandchannel is jam-packed with tons of different stuff about blogs. It has so many innovative features that are super helpful for companies creating a branding strategy of their own. For example, they have a blog segment that introduces experts and has them answer questions in their specific field of expertise.

One particular feature that really stands out is a brand glossary that gives detailed definitions to brand terms. Anytime someone hears a term related to brand in some way but doesn’t recognize it, they can consult the glossary. Again, this is one of many exciting features brandchannel offers. Check them out if you’re looking to further your branding blog knowledge.

A man and woman work on a blog.
Make sure you understand all the different branding terms.

3. Sticky Branding

Sticky Branding makes the list because of how valuable the content is to anyone looking to successfully build a branding blog. It seems each time they create a new blog post or topic it answers some key questions people have about different company issues. For example, there’s articles about naming your company, reaching your customers and marketing brand.

One unique thing about Sticky Branding that makes it special is the organization of its blog. Not only do they have an entire layout, they also include a dropdown menu that divides the blog by topic. So for example, if you want to see articles in the blog only about sales, brand naming or messaging, there’s a section for each. This accelerates the learning process and also gives the idea of dividing by topic for your own branding blog.

Expand on the success of your current branding blog by utilizing some of the great ideas from other blogs. Furthermore, widen your outreach by tackling issues that your specific market is likely to be interested in. The results will be overwhelmingly positive.

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Cory Schmidt – Head of Marketing | Canto

Cory is the Head of Marketing at Canto. He draws on years of experience to help marketers understand topics like brand management, demand generation and digital asset management.