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The most modern, must-have LinkedIn tools to boost success

by Casey Schmidt  |  April 17, 2020

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Social network representation.

LinkedIn is a popular social media site structured for professionals to make important business connections. In fact, it’s currently the most widely-used social media site for professionals. It’s important to use this powerful site to your advantage, whether it’s through making new connections or tracking down a potential client’s contact information.

One of the best ways to optimize your LinkedIn experience is by using different tools that sync well with the site, in one way or the other. This guide walks you through the most important LinkedIn tools currently available.


Upon first hearing about Crystal, you may feel it sounds somewhat off-putting. However, it’s just a helpful guide to give users a better chance to communicate over LinkedIn. It may even be favorable for all parties if one of them is using Crystal to guide them in their conversation and preparation for the talk. Here’s how it works.

The Crystal app interface.
Crystal is a revolutionary way to boost a LinkedIn experience.

Crystal is an app that creates a miniature profile on your contacts based on how they behave online. It’s not intrusive and doesn’t go out of bounds seeking personal information, which is nice. Instead, it ensures that conversations flow smoothly without any time-wasting or miscommunication. Crystal integrates with LinkedIn to help teams when talking with outside parties.


Discover.ly is a tool that allows users to gather and sync a lot of data on social media sites, such as LinkedIn. This saves teams countless hours by feeding them all the most important information in one place. This is especially important for LinkedIn, since a lot of the communication that takes place there is geared toward business.

The Discover.ly interface.
Discover.ly is a unique tool to help handle network data.

What makes Discover.ly so important is its ability to bridge the gap between information separated by different social media sites. For example, if a user has a contact newly added to their LinkedIn network, Discovery.ly automatically indicates whether or not this new contact is a mutual friend on Facebook. Connecting all these different sites’ information gives teams easier access and understanding of their contacts.


Consider detective.io the ultimate LinkedIn tool for team members who make a lot of calls or send a lot of emails to prospective new clients. It’s a tool that prepares all of your LinkedIn communication, providing valuable information on different contacts. This ultimately saves a lot of time and gives teams a better chance to make a better first impression.

The detective.io interface.
detective.io is like a digital private eye for your social media.

Imagine you’re planning on calling someone who was interested in your products or services, and you want to do some quick research on this potential customer before contacting them. So you hit the search engines and navigate a few different profiles on different social media sites. Let’s say that this takes you roughly 15 minutes to complete. Not too bad, right? Well, imagine that each time you called a new client you had to take 15 minutes to prepare. Eventually, it all adds up. detective.io handles all of this research automatically, keeping you busy on what really matters.

Though the above tools all have similar functions and features, that’s actually a positive. This way you can try each app to make sure you’re using the optimal one. Make sure that your LinkedIn tools, from here on out, provide you with a faster path to success. Chances are that at least one of the above options will put you on the right path.

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