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6 ways to customize your DAM

by Catherine Chiang  |  November 11, 2019

2 min. read

We know that a DAM isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, and that every organization needs flexibility to make their DAM work for their team. 

That’s why we’ve built in the ability to customize Canto, from the appearance and branding to the specific keywords that help your team find exactly what they’re looking for. 

1. Folder and Album structure

The Folder and Album structure within Canto is fully customizable, so you can set up your library in a way that’s most intuitive to your team. We’ve seen customers organize folders by department, photoshoot date and photographer. Albums are nested inside folders, adding a sub-level of organization that you can also customize.

2. Log-in screen and interface

Customizing your DAM interface helps give your team a consistent, branded experience, so we made our log-in screens customizable. With just a glance at the branded log-in screen, it’s clear to your team that they are in the right place.

You can add your brand’s logo to the upper left hand corner, choose your own background image and brand colors, and even customize the log-in prompt text. In the main library interface, you can also customize the colors and add a logo to the top left corner.

See some of our favorite customized log-in screens here!

3. Portals

Canto Portals allow customers to easily share a portion of their media library via a customizable, branded interface. Whether your portal is for internal use within the team or for external users, such as retailers, agencies or press, Canto’s customization options allow you to create a branded and user-friendly experience. You can customize internal-facing portals to be intuitive for your team and customize external-facing portals to give your partners a professional and consistent experience.

We love how The Honest Kitchen customized their retail portal with custom thumbnails for each category of assets that help users quickly find what they need.

4. Share Links

Even if you share content with a simple Canto share link instead of a portal, how you share this content is completely customizable. When you create a share link, you have the option to add an expiration date and a watermark, and to enable original downloads or a preset download format, choose what information to display and even to require a password.

5. Custom Metadata

Having a well-organized digital asset library where everyone can find what they need is one of the most powerful benefits of a DAM, and organization all comes down to metadata. We know that the metadata that matters varies from team to team, so Canto enables administrators to create custom metadata fields, in addition to setting custom keywords.

Our customers love using Canto’s custom fields to organize their library according to their organization’s unique needs, such as managing digital rights and brand-specific information, like product lines. 

6. Watermarks

You can upload and apply a watermark and customize how it appears on photos, and whether you want them to appear in the main library, in portals, or both.