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Scaling retail growth with DAM

by Catherine Chiang  |  November 11, 2019

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Inside a department store

The retail industry has undergone massive shifts in the past decade, as consumers move from brick-and-mortar stores to online shopping. Today, the most innovative brands seamlessly mix online and real-life experiences, including social media and ‘pop-ups’ into personalized shopping journeys for their consumers, and are creating more digital content than ever.

As retail brands scale, it can be difficult for growing teams to stay on top of their content – where it lives, who has access to it, how to share it quickly and efficiently. Here’s how these five retail brands use Canto to keep their content under control as they grow.


A quote from Bumkins

Bumkins creates fun, functional family products that include everything baby, from superhero-themed bibs to silicone dishware and cloth diapers. The growing brand works with distributors to expand their reach.

The marketing team uses Canto to simplify the previously convoluted and time-consuming process of sending product and lifestyle photography to distributors. Distributors used to send image requests to the Bumkins sales department, who would then reach out to the marketing team to set up zip files or WeTransfer links to share the images.

Now, Bumkins provides on-demand access to approved imagery with Canto public portals so that distributors can self-serve.

“It’s been an absolute game changer. Our team loves it because it has streamlined our process: we’ve cut out the middle men and the stress of having to search for the images that are needed,” says Leyna Segal, photo editor at Bumkins.

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Quote of Azida Shahidi from Godiva

The Godiva creative team works hard to make sure that enjoying a Godiva chocolate is a pleasurable experience, down to every detail. The global packaging design team uses Canto to organize seasonal promo collateral and other time sensitive materials. This saves the team time, allowing them to focus on their creative work, not image requests.

“Because Canto works so well, we are accomplishing more. On a given day we each save a ½ hour or more – just from team members being able to self-serve their image requests, instead of me fishing an image out of the old system for them,” says Azita Shahidi, design development manager at Godiva.

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Pearl Drums

Quote from Pearl Drums

Pearl Drums is a global manufacturer of drums and other musical instruments. They needed a DAM to help them share product imagery with their wide network of dealers. The Pearl team uses Canto portals to easily share approved images with dealers, enabling their dealers to find the visual content they need on-demand.

Pearl also uses Canto upload links to collect images from artists of their products in use during concerts and other events. The team uses these images in their marketing campaigns.

“With Canto, we are able to organize our assets the way we like internally. Then we can save time by providing a central portal that is easy for our dealers to get to and download marketing materials, price sheets and other important collateral,” says Derek Wolfford, marketing manager at Pearl.

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The Honest Kitchen

Quote from the Honest Kitchen

The Honest Kitchen produces human-grade pet food so our furry friends can eat safe, healthy and high-quality foods. They needed a way to share assets with over 4,000 retail accounts and their numerous outside sales reps.

Using Canto portals, the marketing team can share assets organized by product category and UPC code. This makes it easy for retailers and sales reps to find relevant assets, strengthening retail relationships and enabling their sales team to be even more effective. Since any updates in the main library are reflected in the portals, the team can work quickly without any extra steps slowing them down.

“We know retailers are using it because we see images pop up in places like social media ads. Portals have helped strengthen our relationship with sales reps and stores,” says Chris Freyer, marketing manager at The Honest Kitchen.

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Taos Footwear

Quote from Taos Footwear

Taos Footwear designs stylish and comfortable footwear inspired by its namesake city of Taos, New Mexico. The brand uses Canto to streamline their creative operations workflows, which helps them move faster as they grow.

The marketing team uses Canto to organize their creative assets and share them with their dealer network. Canto portals provide a professional, Taos-branded online location for individual dealers to quickly download the marketing assets they need, strengthening dealer relationships.

“Image requests were always a big pain point and now we deal with 90% fewer requests – that’s just huge!” says Gio White, marketing director at Taos Footwear.

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