Photographers – making strides in a digital world

Using digital asset management to boost your photography career

Photographers – making strides in a digital world

Increased efficiency

DAM sorts and stores photos so you don’t have to. You’ll be able to focus on the things that really matter. Boost vital projects with increased image organization.

Safe and secure. Always.

DAM uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to ensure your valuable images are protected to the max. It also has extensive copyright features and automated watermarking.

Find any image, any time

DAM uses advanced metadata features to sort and store your images for quick retrieval. You’ll find any image in seconds with the help of auto tagging.

A laptop, a camera, some photography equipment, a tablet, a computer screen, a few photo negatives and a page of printed photos are laying on a table.

A solution for photographers in the digital era

Photographers want to spend their time doing what they do best – taking beautiful, original photographs. They can’t waste countless hours learning new technology for the sole purpose of storing and sharing their work. Digital asset management (DAM) offers efficient storage, powerful search function and iron-clad security for images. It’s a photo system that automates the organization process. Its advanced features such as approval process control, direct file downloads and integrations give photographers an easy way to make their work available to clients.

Cloud based storage benefits

Raw photographs are massive in size, especially before they undergo editing. Storing them on a hard drive won’t suffice. Photographers need access to fast, efficient cloud storage for all of their images. A cloud storage system creates opportunities to quickly retrieve and share valuable photos.

DAM is a cloud system that maximizes storage space, even for the most massive files. Confidently store NEF, ORF and CR2 file types to the cloud, knowing DAM will sort, store and secure them optimally. Be assured they will retain their high resolution as well.

A photographer is using a laptop and two large computer screens to manage photographs online and searching for images.

Optimized image sharing

DAM creates dedicated portals to share photo albums and galleries online. Assign dedicated online portals with full screen previews for each client. Allow clients to view, comment and download photos directly from a secure online photo gallery.

A young, focused looking man is using his camera to take a photo.

Extensive search features

DAM uses metadata management to help users quickly find images based on photograph data such as date, author, location and setting. It also has auto tagging features that create an efficient database of searchable photos. With DAM, searches require less specificity to obtain precise results.

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