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The 3 fastest file upload sites available today

by Casey Schmidt  |  February 12, 2020

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Uploading things like video files typically requires a long wait due to the large size. There are a lot of different factors to consider but the most important one is usually the site you select. Fortunately, I’ve put together three of the fastest file upload sites to choose from. Before we get to those, here’s a brief rundown on why it’s so necessary to have fast uploads.

Why is upload speed so important?

There will inevitably come a time when you need to transfer or share a large file. This alone calls for fast speeds. Furthermore, a lot of situations arise in which fast upload speeds are crucial. Certainly, it’s important (or at the very least, convenient) to be able to upload large quantities of files to a site quickly. This is just a small part of why fast uploads are important.

A picture of something speeding quickly through a tunnel.
Fast upload speeds are crucial to everyday business.

Something many overlook when considering why they need fast upload speeds is time-sensitive projects. For example, say that you’ve created hundreds of large files for a group project. Your fellow team members request the files and you upload them to an agreed upon file site. The faster you get them all online, the quicker the project can continue. Though this is just one example, there are plenty of variations of this scenario that stand to come about.

Now that you understand how important upload speed is, here are the three fastest sites:

The 3 fastest file upload sites

Based on the latest research and testing available (note that this will constantly change), here are some cloud storage providers with extremely fast speeds:

1. Google Drive

Of the sites we studied, Google Drive managed to provide the fastest upload speeds. Remember that upload speeds differ from download speeds, so sharing your uploaded files won’t necessarily be a fast process altogether just because the upload is fast. Google Drive is definitely a solid way to get files online quickly.

A smart phone using Google Drive.
Drive is fast and can be accessed from different places.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox has very fast upload speeds, in fact only a smidgen slower than Google Drive. The difference is practically negligible, in fact, so if you prefer Dropbox features over Drive, sticking with Dropbox is logical.

3. pCloud

Rounding out the group is pCloud, which was noticeably slower than Drive and Dropbox but still quite fast compared to other peers in its group. pCloud is typically known for its security, so adding fast uploads to its name is impressive.

Any factors that could skew results?

There are, unfortunately, some factors that are bound to skew these results on a per user basis. Some can be addressed and managed, some are completely unavoidable. Either way, you have to try to find the fastest solution regardless if your speeds don’t measure up to your peers. The first thing to consider is your ISP. Remember that no matter how fast the file upload site you choose is, you’ll be restricted by your ISP speed limits. There are different ways to verify how fast your ISP upload speeds are. Speedtest is a pretty reliable site to determine your actual upload speed potential.

A watch measuring speed.
Different factors change your speeds.

Another thing that may limit your potential is your settings. There are different settings which cap your upload speeds. If you’re unaware of yours, chances are they’re the default. If things seem slower than they should, it would be wise to check in on your upload settings to make sure they’re optimized. This is going to vary depending on your operating system and ISP.

When evaluating upload site speeds, remember to compare them against your needs in order to use ones that best suit you. Sometimes a slightly faster system comes with other negatives that make it not worth your time.