Great Brands – 3 Brands That Do Things Right


Great brands are a result of a lot of hard work, dedication and strategy. Learn what works and what doesn’t for successful brands in order to develop a powerful company. Study the intricacies of great brands to gain valuable insight into what it takes to craft a successful brand. Here are three brands and their unique ways of creating compelling campaigns.


Nike has stayed relevant as a sports clothing company through years of change and evolution in the way games are played and the manner athletes behave. It has done this by attaching ideas and images to its brand through strategic campaigns. Nike uncovered the key to logos, and it came in the form of Michael Jordan. Jordan was so popular that Nike decided to use his iconic silhouette image as its logo on shoes and clothes. People even have tattoos of the logo on their body, a sign that the brand image means more to customers than just products.

Great brands have loyal customers.
Nike linked powerful sports figures to their clothing.

Nike continues to develop its brand image through calculated risks, such as taking sides on social issues. This risk brought waves of support for Nike’s products, and the brand took on a whole new meaning. These types of moves aren’t exclusive to Nike, but it’s a company known to take a stance on a social issue from time to time.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell promotes its brand image by reinventing logos, slogans and designs. The most recent change of logo was minor, tweaking the iconic bell image just a bit to make it look more modern and simple. They change their slogan based on unique marketing environments, such as competition. For example, the ‘Think Outside the Bun’ slogan is a play on words taking aim at their market rival fast food stores. The designs of their packaging and restaurants are attempts to keep their product fresh, modern and inventive.

Great brands create intoxicating local environments.
Taco Bell offers a creative location to eat food at.

Taco Bell engages customers through creative arts and lifestyle hobbies. Some restaurants have artistic paint jobs, others have art murals inside. The food packaging often includes new musical bands to discover. This brands the company as not only a great place to buy food, but a cultured location for those interested in the creative arts.


Apple continues to promote its brand through products that boost one another. They have developed a way to cross-promote items in a meaningful, helpful way. For example, an Apple Watch syncs with the iPhone. The products strengthen each other, and since so many people already enjoy the functionality of the iPhone, it’s likely they’ll settle on Apple Watches instead of different watch brands. Their branding consists of ways to fully engulf consumers in a world of Apple.

Great brands promote product creatively.
Apple offers products that work in unison with each other.

Apple created products and stores that often advertise themselves. Customers promote the product and company on their own accord, due to the way Apple crafted their products to enhance customer experience. The layout design of Apple stores are universal in their traits which promote this experience to customers. People are swept up in everything related to Apple even if they aren’t using the products.

Craft your own company’s brand using the strategies and ideas of other great brands. Study how to succeed using your own unique strategies and guidelines as well. Building a great brand is a team effort, so make sure everyone is working toward the same goal.