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How to manage assets for content marketing

by Canto  |  June 15, 2016

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Manage assets for content marketing

It’s important to manage assets efficiently for successful content marketing. By avoiding common issues like content duplicates and unused folders, you accelerate company processes. This helps teams find needed images or videos and saves time. Here are some key ways managing assets helps content marketing.

Organize creative assets to promote your message

If you’re engaging in inbound marketing strategies, then you understand how powerful content marketing is at helping you find prospective customers. Using images, videos, white pages and various other content marketing assets keeps customers informed and engaged with your products and services. As your business grows, your customers’ demand for great content does too. That means you’ll have to organize your creative assets properly in order to promote your message effectively.

Woman at the head of a meeting about content marketing.
Sorting creative assets streamlines processes.

A portion of this process is the overseeing of creative teams that produce collateral. Automated tools and software account for a large portion of the organization process. Things like integration with creative applications are valuable features of content marketing systems.

Compelling copy is a cornerstone of content marketing

It’s important to add metadata, revise and add compelling copy to your promotional content. Images often go through many iterations before becoming digital assets, while team members are accessing that content in order to produce the final product. Because your creative assets attract customers and drive profitable action, the images, videos and copy your company owns have real value.

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Have all the content in place to create compelling copy.

The process of sorting, labeling and utilizing assets for future use in content marketing helps teams create compelling copy. Teams can pull from needed assets quickly for marketing projects, increasing the chances of successful campaigns.

Software that boosts content marketing

The best way to manage creative assets for your content marketing is automated marketing software. Digital asset management (DAM) for example lets you store all of your branded assets in one place while making it easy to organize, collaborate and share content. A DAM streamlines digital workflow, and allows collaboration across multiple channels. Team members will find the right creative content efficiently, and it boosts productivity and increases output.

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DAM is a system that guides the entire content marketing process.

DAM also provides key features to manage assets, such as metadata, security and copyright protection. It has become increasingly clear that managing assets through content management is best done with the help of powerful automated software systems, and DAM is a comprehensive tool to accomplish it all.

Have your company’s next marketing campaign move quickly through each phase by organizing and managing assets efficiently. Use the tools at your disposal to ensure the right steps are taken at each part of the process.