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Tools for staying organized with Folders and Albums

by Canto  |  November 9, 2016

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Staying organized with folders and albums.

Staying organized using Folders and Albums is a basic concept, but there are a lot of unique features to discover. Make sure your company is optimizing its file sorting through use of these valuable organization methods.

Implementing Smart Albums features in DAM

The convenience of Smart Albums is they provide an automatic organization feature for users. It’s easily utilized and integrated into workflows, with minimal maintenance required. Canto’s digital asset management (DAM) system uses Smart Albums to organize company files. When a file is uploaded into a DAM, it’s automatically placed into one of six Smart Albums. These albums are distinguished by type:

Smart Albums provide an organizational foundation for a Folder or Album structure. They function as a backup plan when searching for a specific file type. DAM provides a media library with multiple avenues towards easy location and management of assets when combined with Keywords and Tags.

Software to automate the organization process

Many companies need a DAM system when sorting media files. They’re often using local hard drives, which can provide a folder structure, but not an easily accessible central repository. File storage services like Dropbox provide a centralized cloud storage option, but not with the features that DAM offers.

Two women organizing files using albums and folders.
DAM automates the organization process.

DAM’s organized sorting conventions can be achieved with Folders, Albums and Smart Albums. Their effectiveness is contingent on how they’re structured in the application and how they’re applied to a company’s workflow.

Sorting assets with the Folder and Album structure

Keywords and Tags are used for broad and specific contexts. The higher-level organization covers broader classifications and lower-level organization focuses on more specific details. Sorting assets with Folders and Albums is similar – Folders should be used for broader concepts while Subfolders and Albums more specific.

Office worker using folder and album structure.
The folder and album structure helps sort assets.

Folder and Album naming conventions can be broken down into smaller and more defined parts. Companies need dedicated collateral for a marketing department and somewhere to establish branding guidelines.

Take advantage of the advanced tools DAM offers to move past basic features of sorting files using Folders and Albums. The professionalism of your company thrives when organization is efficient, so implement a DAM system with confidence.