Digital Rights Management

Digital rights management tracks copyright license details for media files and helps avoid infringement lawsuits.

Upholds file security

Digital rights management tracks content to make sure it’s licensed. It also prevents unauthorized asset use.

Prevents photo misuse

Digital rights management ensures the right features are applied to images. Watermarks are a good example.

Business protection tool

Digital rights management protects companies from damage claims and also secures intellectual property.

What Is Digital Rights Management?

Digital rights management (DRM) upholds enterprise copyright compliance and increases security. It’s a solution that brings files, relevant metadata and licensing information together. DRM keeps relevant files up-to-date and tracks copyright information to ensure companies stay compliant.

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Benefits of DRM

DRM is a comprehensive enterprise solution for licensing and copyright issues. It increases transparency, allowing teams to view the most current version of licensed files. This enhances team collaboration, as shared digital assets and files are always the most relevant version.

DRM accelerates digital rights workflows by ensuring all licensed files are in order during projects. It also syncs well with other enterprise systems, such as digital asset management, to create fluent team projects and campaigns.

Who Needs a DRM System?

Digital rights management is a must-have for businesses that work with licensed content such as photos, video and animation. For companies who use a DAM, the combination of DRM lets marketing teams only see relevant images within your digital asset management system during projects. It is perfect for companies in need of a comprehensive solution to digital licensing issues.

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How DRM Syncs With DAM

Digital rights management ensures files are protected from licensing issues and copyright disputes. When paired with digital asset management (DAM), its features are amplified. For example, DAM promotes intelligent license management through a sophisticated metadata system. This keeps files up-to-date and makes sure they’re applied correctly.

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