Digital Rights Management


Digital rights management (DRM) helps organizations keep track of copyright license details for photography and other media files. DRM gives companies the tools to protect themselves, stay in compliance and avoid infringement lawsuits.

What Is Digital Rights Management


Digital rights management is a must-have for businesses that work with licensed content such as photos, video and animation. It keeps enterprise compliance and elevates security.  And keeping track of licensed content usage is a big challenge for businesses today. Damage claims from unlicensed content use are painful and can result in long and costly lawsuits.

It’s necessary to have a solution that brings files and relevant metadata and license information together – and digital asset management (DAM) is designed for that. Digital asset management systems are able to keep track of copyright information and help companies stay in compliance by applying restrictions based on licensing terms within workflows. For instance, a legal gatekeeper can give the ‘green light’ before any newly uploaded asset can be accessed by other departments.

digital rights management
digital rights management

The Benefits of Digital Rights Management


This simple, yet effective, solution assures all corporate content has a valid license and safeguards the organization from copyright infringement. But it also increases transparency and allows better collaboration for your team. For example, marketing teams will only see images within your digital rights management system that have been cleared. The digital asset management system speeds up digital rights workflows because it’s no longer necessary to recheck if a specific photo is valid for use.

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How DAM Optimizes DRM

Intelligent License Management – A sophisticated metadata system makes sure all copyright information is up-to-date and applied correctly.

Watermark Overlays – No design tools needed, simply overlay watermarks on-the-fly, prior to image download and for specific users only as needed.

Business Protection – DRM support with DAM saves your business from damage claims and protects your valuable intellectual property.

digital rights management benefits