What’s new in Cumulus 10.2 – Efficiency, Usability and a brand new Media Delivery Technology


Canto has exciting news to share with Cumulus customers, partners and future customers. We’re pleased to announce the latest release of Cumulus X, version 10.2 – leading enterprise digital asset management (DAM) platform from Canto trusted by thousands of top brands around the world.

With Cumulus 10.2, we introduce the Media Delivery Cloud for Cumulus, an innovative technology based on Amazon Web Services allowing you to manage your media renditions in a single source and distribute media files globally, across channels and devices. In addition, Cumulus 10.2 comes with improved collection management in Cumulus Portals, better metadata handling within InDesign, print templates and other exciting usability enhancements developed to simplify your daily work.

Media Delivery Cloud for Cumulus

A more efficient way to manage media renditions and deliver media files globally and directly to the end user – across your entire system landscape – eCommerce, Web Content Management, ERP or Product Information Management systems – you name it. Media Delivery Cloud for Cumulus centrally stores your visual content and delivers assets in the right format and quality directly to the end user when he or she accesses the asset in a third party system.

The Media Delivery Cloud for Cumulus caches images from the DAM into Amazon’s S3 Content Delivery Network (CDN). Media URLs will come from Cumulus and assets can be rendered on-the-fly when requested by the end user.

Some of the main benefits of adopting the Media Delivery Cloud for Cumulus are:

  • Rely on a ‘single source of truth’ to ensure photos and product imagery are all sourced centrally from the DAM and make sure originals and variants are centrally managed
  • Reduce in-house Internet bandwidth constraints and storage costs
  • Optimize the end user experience through fast page loading times from anywhere in the world
  • Avoid duplicates, versioning and variants scattered across multiple systems
  • Cut down manual steps – from creative team handoff to display on website – to a minimum
  • No need to add a CDN for each of your systems – Media Delivery Cloud uses Amazon CloudFront as CDN and takes care of global image delivery for all of them

If you want to understand the technical nitty gritty, you’ll find much more information about the Media Cloud for Cumulus here.

Sharing has never been easier

Since the initial release of Cumulus X, when our new mobile-responsive, HTML5 Portals app replaced the preexisting Sites application for read-only access to assets, customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. A large, intuitive browser makes it easy to navigate and preview content. However, there has been one feature in high-demand that we have just now added. And that is better working with Collections.

In Cumulus 10.2, Portals users will now be able to create a collection (add / delete assets from the collection) and send collection links out.

What's new in Cumulus 10.2? Portals download collections.

This is very useful for sales teams or staff to share content with others. And while collection links make sharing incredibly easy – they allow you to keep full control of what, how and with whom you share the content – to make sure your valuable brand assets are protected. You can determine access levels (preview, download, download with watermarks only) as well as embargo and expiring dates and password protection.

Simplify the burden of assigning metadata

“I can’t wait to add metadata to my creative files,” said no designer ever. But with the latest release of Cumulus 10.2, we make it simpler than ever for InDesign users to apply consistent, useful metadata to files, check them into Cumulus without ever leaving their beloved creative tool.

Customers familiar with Cumulus know that metadata templates give users a fast, consistent way to assign metadata values to your digital assets – thus improving search results and saving time and money.  Now users can apply these same metadata templates from the Records or Information panel in the Cumulus InDesign Client – a powerful Adobe InDesign plugin with multi-catalog search, sort, read/write, drag n’ drop, preview and check/in check out capabilities.

Simplify collaboration with DAM Print Templates

Imagine gathering all the right photos and brand elements for an upcoming project into a Cumulus collection or basket. Then you want to create a nice PDF with the thumbnails and metadata to either print or digitally share with project collaborators. This is now simply possible within Cumulus Portals. Preferences can be set and you can choose from different template layouts. A great way to make sure everyone is on the same page.Cumulus 10.2 Print template dialogue

Stay tuned for our webinar

For a fresh look at all these changes and more, join us for the Cumulus 10.2 webinar in October. Stay tuned!