Cumulus 11.0.2 – A New Focus Area for Images


It’s a new year and we’re hard at work getting fresh features into Cumulus digital asset management. This update brings useful image configurations to help you with your workflow. We also have a new option for a bright UI update for Portals, new Roboflow enhancements and much more. Check out all the details below.

Focus Area Cropping – Defining Your Region of Interest

Cumulus now supports defining a ‘region of interest’ for your images and PDFs. When focus area cropping is performed for a rendition request, the region of interest can be directed. That way you can get the most important aspect of the image you need. This should make it easier to find important image information.

Crop templates must first be defined by an administrator through the specification of an aspect ratio and the dimensions of the area for cropping and the position of the defined region of interest – the top, bottom, corner, etc.

The default for image renditions is the center of an image but with regions of interest you’ll get the area that contains the most important info. And guess what, that defined region of interest is stored along with the asset’s metadata and will be respected when fresh renditions are generated with the focus area cropping feature.

A screenshot of Cumulus showcasing the Region of Interest feature with the example of an image of a sofa and a lamp.
Define a region of interest to focus on a significant area within an image.

Portals Gets a Makeover and It’s Glowing

Many of us were clamoring for some new digs for Portals. We’ve got it and the future is bright. You can now make your theme lighter with the stylish, pre-configured bright theme and make your Portals pop. This is a second preconfigured theme you can use right out of the box.

Your styles can be changed by modifying the page layouts and the CSS is even more consistent. There are more places that inherit and share styles so that fewer places need to be modified to achieve consistent branding throughout sub-components of your file management.

All of your customizations now live within a custom folder. Stay tuned for more interesting improvements to the Portals UI in future releases.

A screenshot of Cumulus Portals showing various images in library view.
A new theme option for Portals.

Roboflow Is Flowing

Our new Roboflow enhancements will give you a better overview of your workflows and streamline your processes. A new action – call-external-script – has been added. You can now combine ‘including’ and ‘excluding’ in a fresh folder filter. And a toggle switch has been added to the web interface so you can seamlessly move between the display of all workflows or active workflows.

Automatic Tagging Readily Configured

Our new product component allows you to use a pre-configured automatic tagging solution right out of the box. That way you can jump right into making your tagging process immediately. Forget contracts, licensing details or configuration specifications – you’ll be generating tags quicker than you can say ‘Cumulus’.

Transparency: Your Images Seen Clearly

Portals now supports images with a transparent background in both thumbnails and previews. The part of the image that’s transparent is shown as checkered (as seen in the image to the right). That will give you a better overview of your images in previews and thumbnails as well as speed up image search.

Media Delivery On-Premise – Static Improvements

The new add-on called ‘Media Delivery On-Premise’ gives you the power to distribute content on a network similar to the Media Delivery Cloud but for company infrastructures. The Media Delivery On-Premise allows you to use Cumulus as a provider and distributor of assets. You can put renditions of cataloged assets into websites accessed with a static URL. This keeps your distributed content up-to-date in this dynamic environment.

Let Me Hear That Again – Playback for Audio Files

Portals now gives you the power of playback for your mp3 files cataloged in Cumulus. This streamlines your workflow when working with these audio files. It’s just one more way we’re helping you stay ahead of the game.

But Wait, There’s More

Deep links bring additional functionality and give you enhanced security support. That will make your Cumulus experience even safer. We’ve also extended support of our cloud connectors to support Screen9, an additional video cloud provider – that should improve your video production.