Cumulus 11.0.4: New Features for InDesign Client and Office Connector


Summer is finally here! Outside our Berlin office, the sun is shining and we’re organizing our Cumulus 11.0.4 spring cleaning. The sparkling new Cumulus InDesign Client now supports Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud 2018 – and at the same time – brings along a few little features that have the potential to develop into some of our new favorites. And we’ve done a fair amount of tinkering with our Office Connector for Microsoft Office.

Work Faster and More Creatively With the Cumulus InDesign Client

Since its introduction in Cumulus 10.1, the Cumulus InDesign Client has made the designer-abundant creative working environment faster and easier. That’s why, this time around, we really put in a lot of work and elbow grease into making our Cumulus InDesign Client fit for Adobe InDesign CC 2018. This time, it took a little longer for us to be able support the latest version since InDesign had undergone some internal architecture changes. The good news is now that we’ve upgraded our plug-ins, we’ll be able to support new versions more quickly in the future.

However, our developers aren’t generally satisfied with just cleaning up, so they’ve built in a few handy new features. Now you can easily select multiple assets from Cumulus at one time in the ‘Data Records’ panel using the usual keystrokes (holding down the ‘Shift’ button or using ‘Ctrl’ [Cmd or ⌘ on the Mac]). The files can also be placed together in documents right away and with incredible ease.

Placing images in Adobe InDesign® with Cumulus 11.0.4
Placing images in Adobe InDesign® with Cumulus 11.0.4

By right-clicking on the file, you can also view the corresponding asset in the Cumulus Content Manager by selecting ‘Open in Cumulus’ ­– and with just two clicks, without having to copy and paste the name into the Cumulus search box. Now isn’t that handy! And since we’re on the subject, when you use ‘Re-link’, all assets in Cumulus are re-linked and work just like the native InDesign feature in local files.

Use Photoshop in the Office Connector

Speaking of little helpers that make our everyday life easier, our Office Connector now uses Photoshop files in PSD format. When you select and paste a Photoshop graphic using the Connector, Cumulus automatically creates a PNG file in the background that can be processed with Office. This feature even supports transparent images. This makes our already useful add-on for Microsoft Office even better.

New Editor for Automatic Cropping in the Content Manager

Another new addition in the Cumulus Content Manager is the feature to set the crop range for images in preview mode, which is used for the automatic crop feature. If an image is exported via the Media Delivery Cloud (MDC) or Media-Delivery On-Premise (MDO), this image range is also applied to create renditions of an asset. This is useful, for instance, when creating detailed views for product images and with just a few clicks, you can mark important areas on the photos, and Cumulus takes care of the exporting. Using preset crop templates, you can control the aspect ratio your images can be cropped.

Crop Editor in Cumulus 11.0.4
Crop Editor in Cumulus 11.0.4

And Even More New Cumulus 11.0.4 Features

Wait, don’t stop reading yet. We’re not yet done with our new digital asset management features. We also upgraded the user interface for portals – the navigation elements are now always available – right above the search results – making browsing content considerably easier.

In addition, the Cumulus Web Solutions now runs stably and reliably on Tomcat 8.5 and Cumulus now OFFICIALLY supports Apple macOS 10.13 (High Sierra). Not to mention a few typo gremlins that had sneaked into our code and that we’ve now gotten rid of.

Phew! Well, that’s it for now. Before we head off, we can already tell you,  even more great features are on the way. Well, we’re off to get an ice cream and enjoy summer!