Cumulus 11.1.1: Handy enhancements for the Cumulus InDesign client, the Media Delivery Cloud and the Video Cloud


The great feedback we received for our last Cumulus release 11.1 could be a reason for us to rest on our laurels, but that’s not how we roll! Instead, our R&D team went right back to work so we could offer you a whole series of handy enhancements – among others for the already very handy Cumulus InDesign Client, our Media Delivery Cloud and the Cumulus Video Cloud. We developed a lot of these hand in hand with our customers and we hope that you find the enhancements as handy as we find them ourselves.

Link InDesign documents and better collaboration with the InDesign Client

With the Cumulus InDesign Client, media designers can insert images and graphics from the Cumulus catalog as easy as one-two-three. With the new Cumulus 11.1.1, it’s now even possible to insert other INDD files into your current document.

The feature doesn’t only make it easier to re-use old documents by simply copying them over to the current InDesign layout. This feature becomes a major advantage when working with highly complex, large in design projects: Thanks to the Cumulus InDesign Client, the entire project can be divided into individual documents which can then, in turn, be defined as jobs for various designers. Thus, multiple users can work on the same publication.

The new feature “Open working copy” works in a similar way. With this new feature, which is available by right-clicking on the “Records” panel, it is possible to open a document without write access and which is deleted after exiting. This can be very handy, when I want to open a brochure to copy the files linked in it via Copy & Paste even though my colleague still has the document checked out for editing.

Lock SEO-optimized URLs more easily with the Media Delivery Cloud

With the Media Delivery Cloud, companies and organizations can effectively deliver their content around the world using an extremely high-performance content delivery network (CDN). Images and other content from Culumus thus end up right in the end user’s browser.

The URLs of the content were not particularly eloquent up to now and only designed for processing in a web browser. With Cumulus 11.1.1., the Media Delivery Cloud can also semantically structure the URLs. This presents multiple advantages: On one hand, images of PDFs you want to sent by e-mail  have an address that people can better attribute. Instead of random numbers or letters, you can tell from the URL what the reference refers to. On the other, this features not only makes it easier for people to understand content, but also for search engines which more and more are geared not only to indexing text and images on the web, but also semantically processing them for use. Here, out release accommodates this so, e.g. the individual pages of your shops are easier to read for Google & Co.

Our second new feature for the Media Delivery Cloud has to do with content delivery. It was always possible to check which content is used where so that their dissemination could also be limited, e.g. such as when we talk about copyrighted images such as stock photos for which the license model stipulates a certain use period. With Cumulus 11.1.1, it is now more consistently possible to stop the dissemination of images and at the same time to delete all renditions which were generated for a quell asset. This way, you can effectively prevent your company from being the target of warnings or damage claims which you can incur through the unauthorized use of stock photos or old product images even though a corrected version has been around for some time.

Video Cloud with enhanced upload and simplified video exchange

Videos have been part of the new communication standard for some time now. The Video Cloud for Cumulus supports companies in successfully using this medium. With Cumulus 11.1.1, we are improving a few details in our powerful video function. When uploading to the Kaltura Video Cloud, interrupted video uploads can simply be re-started. This makes it easier to add videos with an unstable Internet connection, e.g. when you’re at a trade show or the company Intranet is having issues – with Cumulus 11.1.1., no big deal!

In addition, it’s now easier to exchange videos. After uploading, the new version can be played wherever you’ve embedded the video. Up to now you had to replace the embed code. With Cumulus 11.1.1, this extra step is now a thing of the past.

And, and, and…

When you need it, the Cumulus help function is now easier to reach. In addition, Cumulus can now handle .sketch and .xd files, i.e. not only export meta data, but also create preview thumbnails. This makes work easier for everyone who works with Sketch or Adobe Experience Design.

You’ll find detailed info as always in our release notes. And as always, a Cumulus release only means that the next one is on its way. So, get excited about what we have planned for you!