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Get inspired by these stunning advertising campaigns from Canto customers!

by Catherine Chiang  |  November 12, 2019

2 min. read

The best ads don’t just sell things; they connect with consumers on a deep emotional level, inspire people and even spark conversation. At Canto, we have the pleasure of working with incredible brands that take advertising to the next level.

Check out these stellar examples of ad campaigns from Canto customers, and you’ll wonder how we aren’t broke from spending all of our DAM money already (we sure are tempted to)!

Dia & Co: “Style Rule Breakers”

Dia & Co is a personal styling service for plus-sized women. Their “Style Rule Breakers” campaign defies rules for ‘dressing for your shape’ by overlaying these style ‘don’ts’ with clips of plus-sized women breaking the rules and looking great doing it! It’s empowering, cheeky and communicates the brand’s values, all in 30 seconds. Bravo!

Danner: “Go There”

Danner’s recent “Go There” campaign emphasizes that their boots are meant to be a part of your active lifestyle. The rugged aesthetic of their campaign imagery and the sweeping shots of wilderness landscapes inspire us to plan that next camping trip, ASAP. We also spotted their billboard in San Francisco!

Picture of a billboard.

Inspirato: “You’ve Arrived – Something is Different”

Inspirato’s ad, “You’ve Arrived – Something is Different,” captures the magical ingredient in their luxury vacations: effortless relaxation. Their ad shows us how having everything taken care of helps their customers forget all their stress and connect with their loved ones. The gorgeous shots of their vacation homes don’t hurt, either!

See how Inspirato uses Canto in their success story!

Godiva: “Wonder Awaits”

Godiva doesn’t just sell chocolates; they sell an experience. Their ad campaign “Wonder Awaits” shows us exactly that, reminding us of the sensuous and delightful experience of unwrapping a chocolate treat and taking that first heavenly bite.

See how Godiva uses Canto in this e-book!