Insert images in PowerPoint and Word with the Office Connector for Cumulus


Urgently wanted: Images for PowerPoint and Word

Do you still remember the notorious Clippit, the Microsoft Office help wizard that was considered a complete nuisance in offices everywhere? Clippit’s actual purpose was to assist users with advice and to accelerate work processes. But this never quite worked as intended and eventually Clippit was discarded to the scrapyard of “failed inventions“. But even today, everyone who uses Office regularly knows: Those who want to “quickly” create a few slides in PowerPoint with photos of the new product or insert some appealing images in Word will learn how slow “quickly” can be. Until you find the relevant images on the network of the corporate Intranet or have a colleague send them to you, you have received several important emails, two urgent phone calls and your coffee has also gone cold.

While you „quickly“ find the relevant images in the file chaos of the corporate Intranet, your coffee has gone cold.

Without exaggeration you can say for certain: Managing important digital assets such as product images, logos and graphics is a huge challenge for many teams and organizations. You will need these files for your PowerPoint presentations and Word documents that you create with Microsoft Office 365.

"Quickly insert images in PowerPoint and Word": The organization of media files causes frustration for Microsoft Office users.
“Quickly insert images in PowerPoint and Word”: The organization of media files causes frustration for Microsoft Office users.

Find images faster with DAM

Many companies rely on Digital Asset Management (DAM) to accelerate the digital content workflows that are constantly required in marketing. DAM is a technology that efficiently manages vast amounts of media files for teams, organizations and complex enterprise scenarios. With advanced metadata management, it is possible to quickly find just the right file amongst hundreds of thousands of assets – through advanced, intelligent search and by using smart image recognition based on AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Office Connector for Cumulus and Microsoft Office 365

Previously, users needed to download the images from the DAM system, save them to local storage, and then from there insert them into e.g. Microsoft PowerPoint or Word. The Office Connector for Cumulus eliminates this extra step and allows images stored in the Cumulus catalogue to be inserted directly into documents or presentations.

The Cumulus Office Connector ensures fast, smooth work processes with Microsoft Office 365
The Cumulus Office Connector ensures fast, smooth work processes with Microsoft Office 365.

The selection is easily made via the integrated Cumulus Browser. After the installation you find a button in the first tab “Start”, via which the photo selection of Cumulus is accessed. The relevant images for the document or presentation can readily be chosen from a tiled view. Images are directly loaded into Word and PowerPoint within a few clicks – faster than you can say “PowerPoint slide master”.

Insert images from your DAM into slides with the Office Connector – faster than you can say “PowerPoint Slide Master”.

By integrating Microsoft Office 365 and Cumulus, users not only save the additional step of saving images locally, but by using the image content from Cumulus, they can also be sure that the image material is up-to-date and approved. The Office Connector for Cumulus not only increases the efficiency of your own team, but also ensures greater security and compliance.

Search for images via Word and PowerPoint

Office users enjoy the superior file management capabilities of Digital Asset Management through the Cumulus Browser. Content can be selected via a word-based search and by category. The search results can be further refined via filters, as users are accustomed to from the Cumulus Content Manager. This not only makes inserting images into Word and PowerPoint faster, but also more efficient – and certainly more helpful than the paperclip assistant offering clues such as “It looks like you are writing a letter”, which Office users had to constantly put up with.

Office Trivia

Did you already know that…

  • The first version of Microsoft Office in 1989 came out exclusively for Apple Mac and already contained all the essential programs like Word 4.0, Excel 2.2, PowerPoint 2.01 and Mail 1.37?
  • The mildly popular paperclip assistant “Clippit” had the nickname Clippy and from today’s perspective was a forerunner of Siri, Alexa and the Google Assistant.
  • The paper clip first hit the market in 1996 with Office 97 and was disabled by default with Office XP because even Microsoft employees found it annoying. In Office 2007 it was consequently removed. For Google Chrome there is an extension called Clippy Everywhere, which lets the little blighter live on within the browser.
  • The first version of Office in a regional language was Alsatian. The translation was officially launched in 2007 by the Office pour la Langue and the Culture d’Alsace (OLCA).