Marketing Masters Podcast #1: The Wild West of Data Privacy

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“We became the ‘gold standard’ for good information practices. The FTC used to send companies to us so they could learn how to audit their own information practices” – Bart Faber

For our first podcast, we interviewed current Canto investor and former CEO of Metromail, Bart Faber.

Bart’s background is not that of a typical marketer. However, his early career in corporate finance led him to take over RR Donnelly’s emerging ‘Information Services’ group in the 90s, which ultimately resulted in him becoming CEO of the largest consumer database company at the time: Metromail.

Bart walked into a nightmare of a PR situation with Metromail receiving harsh public criticism for multiple missteps related to consumer data protection. By acknowledging Metromail’s mistakes and partnering with the FTC to establish “consumer data best practices,” Bart was able to turn the company’s fortunes around and eventually find a buyer in Experian for almost $1 billion.

Given the consumer data malpractices of today’s leading tech companies (looking at you Facebook and Twitter!), Bart’s story will be a valuable listen for anyone curious about where today’s data protection practices started, and more broadly, how to successfully rebound from past mistakes.

We hope you enjoy this inaugural episode of “Marketing Masters” and look forward to hearing your feedback after the show!

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