Microsoft Azure

Combine your on-premise digital asset management system with Microsoft Azure cloud storage for a flexible hybrid solution

Hybrid Cloud Storage for Your On-Premise DAM

Many organizations worldwide rely on a on-premise digital asset management system. Deploying a DAM in your local network brings many advantages such as maximum performance and control – and using a Cumulus hybrid option, you can even add cloud storage to your setup. This way you enjoy the best of both worlds – on-premise and cloud.

While all important metadata resides within your local infrastructure you can globally distribute media assets in the cloud via a high-performance content delivery network (CDN). Changes to the metadata is saved in Cumulus; changes to the files directly affect the media files on the Microsoft Azure servers.

Microsoft Azure Security

Using a cloud for your file distribution doesn’t mean your assets are available to anybody. Cloud storage options for Microsoft Azure serve the highest security standards and let you decide who you want to grant access to your media library or just specific assets.

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