Creative Collaboration in Companies

Collaboration and creativity are intertwined. There are a number of different roles and individuals involved in the content creation process, and a smooth collaborative process is known to lead to better creative results. So, how can creative collaboration contribute to better content? And how do you enable a healthy, creative collaborative process while tackling challenges like decentralized teams, real-time communication and agile strategies with modern challenges? These and other questions are answered in this webinar.

We run through the latest innovations in creative collaboration like working with externals and innovating fresh collateral with a smaller, decentralized team. We look at how to face these challenges and optimize collaboration using creative workflows within digital asset management software to create compelling content. We also show you how to use creative workflows within a DAM in a live demo.

In this webinar, we show you:

  • Creative cooperation strategies
  • Prerequisites for efficient creative workflows
  • Cooperation in decentralized teams and with external ones
  • Creation of marketing materials (in Adobe InDesign)
  • How digital asset management can be used to become more creative and productive