Flight LHR Release Notes

Flight LHR comes with major refinements to how you can experience Flight, and some cool new features as well!

Mobile Accessibility Update

This release’s main focus is mobile accessibility: Flight has now been optimized for your mobile device. You access your Flight account just as you would on a desktop, but the experience is tailored to being “on-the-go”.

Features that are optimized for mobile include:

  • A new mobile-responsive interface
  • Uploading files (can be done directly from your mobile device)
  • Sharing and approving

Trim Video Before Download New Feature

We’ve added a new “Advanced Download” option for all of your video files. It’s now possible to download a trimmed clip of your videos on-the-fly.

Click the Download icon, then choose “Advanced Options” on your video file, and select the start and end times. You can preview your video clips in-app to cut them at just the right times.

Add to Album on Upload New Feature

Do you know which album your newly uploaded asset belongs in? You can now skip a step and just select that album during upload, and your images and other media files will be added to it!

It works just like our “Add Metadata upon Upload” feature – where you can assign relevant keyword, description and tagging information when uploading – just choose the album when you’re finishing the upload process. The asset will be automatically added to the album.

Direct URLs for Download and Preview New Feature

You can now share direct URLs for downloading and previewing any digital asset in Flight. Simply copy the URL and send it to a collaborator.

Direct URLs are a useful tool for users who want a fast, global delivery method for previewing, accessing and delivering their media files.

Hyperlinked Terms and ConditionsUpdate

Managing digital copyrights in Flight is now easier than ever. Add hyperlinks in the Terms and Conditions section with a new text option for in-app license agreements.

Usability Enhancements Update

To simplify the asset selection process, unselected assets will now display an open circle while chosen assets will have the traditional check-mark. We’ve added transparent images to have a typical grey and white checkered background pattern, and other small enhancements for getting the most out of your Flight media library.