How to Measure DAM Success

We gathered top digital asset management experts for a forum webinar on how to measure the success of a DAM system. Here’s what they discussed:

  • Why you should define and measure project success
  • How to define project objectives
  • How to measure project objectives
  • How to set project expectations
  • The key findings from our panelists’ past experiences in project management
  • The best advice they have for project management

Our panelists for this webinar included:

  • John Horodyski, Partner at Optimity Advisors & DAM Expert
  • Bjorn Pave, Senior Director Information Technology at POPSUGAR and former Manager of Global Information Services at Benefit Cosmetics
  • Benedict Mark, Manager of Consulting EMEA, Canto

Ines Köhler, Director of Marketing & PR, Canto, moderated. The discussions were highly valuable and our experts even took questions from the audience.