Webinar: Video Management and Cumulus – The Perfect Pair

Are you managing your organization’s videos on an internal shared drive? On YouTube? In your content management system?

Watch this pre-recorded Webinar where we’ll show you a better way to manage your video files – with Cumulus.

Whether your organization demands an on-premise or cloud deployment, you can convert, stream and manage your videos and digital files in one place with Cumulus Video Cloud or the Moksa Video Stream for Cumulus. If you are looking to make annotations to your videos, we will show you how you can do that with Moksa VProof.

Hear from the Atlantic Coast Media Group (ACMG), one of the leading national, multi-channel personal care marketers and founders of Hydroxatone, who will share their daily workflow using Cumulus and Moksa’s Video Stream for Cumulus. See how their marketing team uses both solutions to manage their videos and digital assets.

Discover the possibilities available in Cumulus to manage your videos.

Learn about the value that a Digital Asset Management solution brings to your organization when working with videos.

Watch three demos:

  • The Cumulus Video Cloud, to manage your videos in the cloud
  • Moksa Video Stream for Cumulus, if you want to manage your videos on-premise
  • Moksa VProof, if you are looking to make annotations to your videos