Digital Asset Management

What is digital asset management?

A digital asset management (DAM) system brings harmony to the media-rich core of your brand. DAM platforms have the power to store, share and organize all digital content in a secure and centralized location. Get more out of your creative files such as images, videos, and other media by ensuring your team can find, share, and optimize your digital assets in real-time.

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What is a digital asset?

Digital assets are any content that can be stored digitally, so you can create, manage, publish, and share content with anyone inside or outside your organization. In today’s rapidly evolving digital climate, there’s no limit to what a digital asset can be. Files like videos, music, photos, documents, and other media that contain the rights to use them are considered assets.

Consider the types of files and assets that are routinely created and shared across your organization. The marketing team creates and collaborates on advertisements, social media content, videos, and emails. Operations and services teams produce process documentation, blueprints, and workflow diagrams. And if you’re working with a network of vendors or providers, you may be producing images and content that you want to make available to them on-demand.

Virtually every department engages with digital assets that fuel the growth and success of your organization. With a digital asset management (DAM) platform, team members across every sector of your business can search, collaborate, and share assets with maximum efficiency.

Why is digital asset management important?

51% of marketers waste time and money recreating unused or missing assets.

Effective digital asset management requires companies to organize and govern every digital file in their media ecosystem. The more your business and content needs grow, the larger your digital asset library will become. Everyone can relate to spending too much time looking for a single file. This is the case for most companies operating without a DAM solution.

The most common digital asset management challenges and how to solve them

If you’re not managing your digital assets, it will hit your bottom line, hard. Take a look at some of the most common DAM challenges and how businesses are solving them with a simple solution.

Asset accessibility

Without a DAM, digital assets are rarely managed properly. Chances are, the wrong people are using the wrong assets at the wrong time. Regain control with a centralized solution that establishes workflows, manages access, and streamlines the approval process so the right files get into the right hands.

Time lost, money spent

If your team is spending precious time searching for mislabeled or disappearing assets, that’s time lost focusing on growing and scaling your business. Empower them with a centralized platform that makes the organization, monitoring, and maintenance of every asset in your ecosystem a breeze.

Disconnected workforce

Break down silos and enhance communications across your organization with a unified platform designed to boost collaboration and sharing. Digital asset management platforms enable teams to democratize assets, create agile workflows, and improve consistency across all channels.

Bring your team and assets together

Digital asset management software empowers teams and serves as a single source of truth for all brand assets. It improves information security while enabling teams to store, organize, share, search, and grow their digital library.
A DAM solution does more than uphold brand standards and expand storage capacity. It allows your team to focus on what matters.
(Hint: It is not spending an hour searching for a mislabeled document.)

The Canto DAM in action

There’s more than one way to use Canto DAM

Streamline the asset lifecycle

As businesses grow, content and digital assets grow at an exponential rate. A digital asset management solution can streamline this process and serve as an incubator for all branded content, enabling teams to ideate, create, share, and manage assets from inception to publication.

Support sales & marketing teams

Send and receive mission critical content between your marketing and sales teams, and distribute high-converting assets like datasheets and customer stories with ease. Get the right materials into the hands of your sales teams with the freedom of self-service so they never lose a sale to unnecessary downtime.

Curate the digital customer experience

Content drives the digital customer experience. Meet the demand for developing personalized customer experiences, and keep your customer-facing assets up-to-date and relevant. A DAM platform enables teams to seamlessly refresh, create, and publish the content your customers want to see.

External distribution

Share branded assets with external parties such as freelancers and vendors. Uphold brand consistency by providing approved assets that your external partners can access via email, secure links, social media or powerful, branded portals.

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