Enterprise Document Management

How Digital Asset Management (DAM) Helps Your Enterprise Manage Documents

Enterprise Document Management and Digital Asset Management

Enterprise document management refers to a strategy to manage an organization’s documents, chiefly for retrieval in case of a compliance audit or legal subpoena. Digital Asset Management is an important and often overlooked component of an overall enterprise document management plan. This is because rich-media assets have multiplied exponentially within organizations and have become storehouses of valuable company information.

What is a document?

A document is any discrete, storable piece of information that is produced or consumed by an organization. Digital assets may include documents along with other file types like images, videos and rich graphics, but not all documents are digital assets.

DAM and Legal Compliance

A leading feature of digital asset management with regard to the practice of enterprise document management is the storage of digital rights management (DRM) information within metadata attached to the digital file. This DRM metadata often includes copyrights, and sometimes even trademark information. It is especially valuable as assets are ingested from outside professionals, like photographers and legal firms, who may place a variety of usage restrictions on created works.

DAM Offers Powerful Document Search

A shortcoming of broadly based enterprise document management systems is their handling of rich-media, like videos and images, that don’t fall within the traditional purview of document management. This is where digital asset management solutions not only provide robust search of rich metadata, but also serve as a necessary and fully integral annex to your overall enterprise document management strategy.

DAM and EDM Audit Trails

Enterprise digital asset management systems contain powerful auditing capabilities, so that the ingestion, usage and distribution of documents can be tracked – with views of this information visible to different user groups based on permissions levels. In fact, with enterprise DAM, organizations can safeguard documents and digital assets of their choosing by restricting their download to only certain users, or even add watermarks or restrict viewing completely. Full audit trails are available to system administrators via queries and reports.