Marketing Asset Management

Learn how digital asset management (DAM) efficiently organizes your full range of marketing assets for maximum impact and ROI

Marketing Asset Management in a Nutshell

Remaining market-optimzed across small teams or large – across the office or across the world – is no easy feat. It’s more important than ever to leverage digital asset management in the service of managing your full collection of marketing assets. Logos, designs, images, videos, photography and other media – from inside your organization and outside from partners and vendors – must be meticulously managed to return the greatest value. And this means keeping them up-to-date, not duplicating efforts, staying on the right side of copyright laws and localizing marketing assets to the many markets you may serve.

What is a Marketing Asset?

A marketing asset is electronic content with intrinsic value to the products or services you offer. Marketing assets can originate from inside your organization, and can also be curated from partners, vendors and/or any other source. They can consist of logos, designs, photography, videos, animations and so forth.

Keep Marketing Assets Organized

The need to keep marketing assets organized is tantamount to a marketing department’s success. When one considers the many corporate, product, service, partner and community brands that thrive in a healthy market ecosystem, it is incumbent upon marketing professionals to know the assets they have, and have them at the ready for smart deployment. Marketing asset management provides the methodology and tools to manage all the marketing assets that you must leverage for product or service marketing success.

The Challenge of Marketing Asset Management

Ad-hoc file management solutions like internal server folders, ftp and cloud-based file storage don’t offer the right tools for marketing asset management. They offer little help with versioning, little to no support with regard to digital rights information and only rudimentary ways to link files together in the way that creative and marketing professionals need when creating and managing marketing materials. All of this can grind your marketing operations to a halt.

Digital Asset Management is the Solution

Digital Asset Management (DAM) easily provides the tools for Marketing Asset Management through features that are unique to DAM systems. Such features include: versioning, metadata, privacy controls, permissions, security, relations, image watermarking, low res, sharing, integrations with other systems and much more.