Secure File Sharing

How Digital Asset Management (DAM) keeps your shared files organized and secure

Securely store your digital files on the cloud

Storing your digital files in the cloud using a DAM makes it easy to securely share files to team members, collaborators, clients, and outside vendors. By organizing your files by adding metadata, tags, and categories to your content, it becomes simple for everyone with access to your DAM system to find the files they need quickly. Files first go through an approval process before team members can edit, download, and share digital assets, enabling your team to properly manage your organization’s content. DAM managers control the access to content using content expiration dates, permissions, and version control.

Benefits of transferring files securely using DAM

Sync files to any device securely

Canto DAM can be a on-premise or a cloud-based web application that’s supported by all devices, giving you access to your digital assets from any location. There’s even a DAM app is also available for iPad users who wish to get the most out of digital asset management from a tablet. Since all of your assets are stored on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers, your data is always secured with SSL Encryption in a guarded data center, with accessibility with a 99.8% uptime guarantee.

Integration with workflow tools

Your DAM system also integrates with popular social media sites, file storage services, and publishing applications. Integrations allow your team members to easily manage their workflow from one central location. Importing files from Box, Dropbox, and Google Plus is done effortlessly without needing to download all of your files to a hard drive.

Permitted users can share content on popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for use in marketing campaigns within seconds. Integrations with MailChimp, InDesign, and WordPress give you the ability to utilize all of your digital with other publishing tools to communicate with clients and the public securely. A DAM system truly shines when it’s incorporated into the ecosystem of your workflow; it’s designed to complement the other systems used by your organization.

Granular access permissions

With a DAM system in place, you can give team members and collaborators access to the files they need while ensuring that confidential material is kept private. Granular permissions give administrators the proper tools to control the privileges of others, including editing, downloading, viewing, and sharing.