Frequently asked questions

The future of Cumulus is Canto

We want to provide our customers the best possible DAM experience – and that’s Canto. All of the passion and know-how that makes Cumulus great lives on in Canto. Canto already offers many features not available in Cumulus, and there are more to come as we continue to be the innovation leaders in digital asset management.

Since the introduction of Canto, we have seen more and more customers making the switch from Cumulus to Canto. That trend has rapidly accelerated over the last three years as remote work and hybrid work have transformed how teams collaborate. As companies modernize in this age of digital transformation, we know it makes sense to continue to innovate our cloud-based Canto products and put all of our focus and investment into this platform.

After September 1st 2021, we will no longer be selling additional licenses to Cumulus.

It is not our intent to double-charge you for using our products. We want our customers to have the best possible experience, and we believe that’s on the Canto platform. Your account executive can help walk you through contract terms to ensure you’re not being double-billed for the same contract window.

Not necessarily! We want our customers to have access to our best products and features, and that means migrating to the Canto platform. Your account executive can work with you to explain the differences between Cumulus and Canto pricing and work through any pricing differences with you.

To move a base Cumulus instance to a Canto instance will be free of charge. There may be a services engagement fee if you have complex integrations that need to be rebuilt. Your account executive will be able to help you make that assessment.

Migrating to Canto is a great time to take stock of your digital asset inventory! This could be just the right time to bring in additional libraries of content, or introduce Canto to another team. We’ll do the base migration for free, and our consultants can give you an idea of what it would cost to bring in additional assets or add more licenses.

Making this transition as simple as possible for our customers is important to us. As part of the migration, we’ll include some training time to make sure your users know how to use Canto. We’ll also provide some training documentation and online modules to make it easier for your teams to make the switch. That said, we think you’ll find that the user interface, navigation, and overall user experience is simple and intuitive. In fact, we get that compliment about Canto all the time!

We’ve built a lot of great features (largely driven by customer requests and input) and our product gets better and better with each release. Come check us out again and see all the innovative new capabilities we’ve brought to our customers! We’d love to show you what we’ve done.

You can keep using Cumulus, and we’ll support you from a troubleshooting & break/fix perspective until the end of December 2022 (Cumulus Entry and Workgroup) and the end of December 2023 (Cumulus Enterprise). After that, you can use the product, unsupported, for as long as you like. That said, we’d love the chance to show you how great Canto is and welcome you into a Canto community of 3,000 customers and growing!

How do I get started with my migration to Canto?


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