Amazon S3

Store and distribute your media files via Amazon S3 cloud storage and enjoy the best of both worlds

Hybrid Cloud Storage for Your On-Premise DAM

For some companies, using an on-premise and cloud digital asset management hybrid system is a great fit. You may want the speed of a local area network for work-in-progress files with the ability to push finished assets onto a content delivery network (CDN) for prompt global distribution.

In such a setup, metadata is still stored in the Cumulus server. The actual files are stored in Amazon S3. A client program such as Cumulus Web Client asks the Cumulus Server to read or change metadata, but it requests the actual file from Amazon S3 instead. This gives customers the ability to maintain a hybrid cloud environment.

Amazon S3 Security

Working with a publicly available cloud storage service doesn’t mean assets are available to everyone. By default, all content stored in Amazon S3 is private and nobody has access. You need to set up technical user accounts with cryptographic keys and signatures and provide this information to Cumulus. Cumulus uses this information to generate cryptographically signed URLs so that an asset can be downloaded. Such a URL is only valid for a minute and it is impossible to guess such a URL.

Amazon Web Services provide a variety of mechanisms to further secure your cloud setup. For example, you could limit access to certain IP ranges and you can also enforce that all files stored in Amazon S3 are encrypted with AES-256 before they get written to the physical hard disks.