The best DAM integration for EPiServer

Connect your EPiServer and Cumulus installations. Integration with Cumulus, the leading Digital Asset Management system, allows users of EPiServer to use enterprise-class DAM features and extend their CMS platform easily. With Cumulus DAM for EPiServer content managed in Cumulus can be searched and accessed from the backend of EPiServer.

Tighten your workflow from cataloging and searching digital assets to publication and archiving media rich content.  EPiServer web editors can pull media seamlessly from the EPiServer media library and their connected Cumulus DAM system. In addition to the Media tab within EPiServer a Cumulus tab also appears, with drag and drop functionality.

The integration requires a Cumulus 10.x installation with a licensed Canto Integration Platform (CIP) and works for any current EPiServer version 9.x and up.

API illustration

Communication between EPiServer and Cumulus takes place via the REST API.

Highly configurable integrated solution

The connector between EPiServer and Cumulus provides an out-of-the-box generic solution that covers the needs of most situations, including features like quick search, browsing (based on the category tree of Cumulus), image previews and drag and drop capabilities. However, we understand that unique situations may necessitate additional features. Therefore, the integration is configurable beyond the basics.

Enterprise projects may need require more specific use cases. The solution can be configured (i.e. copy assets vs. reference assets) to address individual projects and workflows.

Cumulus’ well-documented open API helps managers perform the necessary adjustments quickly and easily. Thus, most individual customer requirements can be addressed painlessly. This highly flexible approach leads to customizable and cost-effective web projects.

easy configuration

Easy Configuration

Central repository for all media files

With Cumulus, digital assets are managed centrally and can be accessed via connectors to other platforms such as EPiServer, Adobe InDesign, SharePoint, Marketing Automation, etc. All shared media assets from Cumulus are rendered in the correct format and the right resolution to the appropriate channels. As a central repository, Cumulus thus ensures that the same, version controlled assets are used for print as for online channels.

Technically after publishing a website through the CMS editor, the assets from Cumulus are copied in the background to EPiServer (in the defined format). In Cumulus, vice versa, a reference to the asset is stored in the metadata. This makes the synchronization of media assets very transparent for all users.

The connector supports multiple sites and instances.


CMS editors work with Cumulus Assets directly in Episerver.

Increase brand and product experience

The integration of both systems accelerates the publication of content (videos, pictures, documents) for all channels that are managed with EPiServer. The roles between CMS users and asset managers are clearly separated, so that you can manage the entire design process transparently in a central system. The automatic synchronization with the CMS eliminates manual steps. This way, all brand and product assets can be maintained with minimal effort and your brand and product identity be kept up to date.

The direct transfer of Cumulus to EPiServer in the specified format saves enormous time for the CMS editor so that workflows are significantly more efficient.

cumulus assets in episerver

Use Cumulus Quicksearch to find the correct Assets in no time.