Digital Asset Management for brand consistency across all touchpoints

Customers expect a consistent brand experience – whether B2C or B2B, on any platform at any time. To keep product information universally up-to-date is one of the biggest challenges in e-commerce. The integration HyCumulus, omni-channel commerce solution, combines the hybris ecommerce platform with Cumulus, leading digital asset management technology. Through centralized management of all product data and media files HyCumulus makes it possible to offer customers seamless and consistent communications. At the same time, administration is simplified by allowing users to access the combined information from hybris and Cumulus to create brochures, signage and digital publications.

How it works: Corporate media files are centrally indexed in Cumulus and delivered via an Image Server (ImageFactory) on-the-fly as print or Web versions. SAP hybris points to product images and other content that gets served up instantly via WebServices of the Canto Integration Platform (CIP) from Cumulus. Saving all media information in a media-neutral database reduces errors and inconsistencies

Hybris shop frontend

Cumulus sends content to the frontend of your hybris shop

Single-sourcing for greater efficency and security

The HyCumulus integration combines a powerful management of product information with the benefits of digital asset management.

Product managers and online store managers work directly in hybris – as they are accustomed – and able to search their corporate media library with a view directly into Cumulus. Thus ensuring everyone is working from the latest, approved version rather than pulling in media files from loosely guarded file share sites or network drives risking out dated, misplaced content. Even marketing managers, social media or sales distribution channels can be given password-protected access to easily work from the same set of up-to-date media files from a secure web portal.

It’s all about the API: The integration between SAP hybris and Cumulus is built with a powerful API called the Canto Integration Platform. The Canto Integration Platform is a highly-documented enterprise-grade RESTful API set – offering up the most powerful digital asset management integration capabilities on the market.. With the single-source approach a file exists only once, derivates of a file are rendered on-the-fly. This saves storage space and reduces errors, because exchanging a media-asset happens a central location – Cumulus.

Cumulus Image Creating Process

Hybris Workflow With Cumulus

Hybris Image Assignment Process

Hybris Workflow With Cumulus

Image Update Process

Hybris Workflow With Cumulus

Streamlined workflows, optimal use

The integration accelerates typical workflows such as product maintenance and ensures a consistent customer experience. Add photos, videos and product documentation to your hybris commerce site faster than ever. You have the option to copy assets into hybris from Cumulus, or create a ‘hot link’ that automatically uses the latest, most recently approved version of a file in Cumulus – for display on your hybris site.

Cumulus stores image and video metadata in addition to product metadata (eg the hybris product code) which helps you track copyright licenses, approval status, and version history.
In addition, a hybris-call-back (a note at what point, what assets are used) is stored in Cumulus. If required, an asset may be blocked or replaced – for instance, as a result of expired licenses. Gain control of the asset lifecycle.

Hybrid catalogue screenshot

Easily connect Cumulus Assets with hybris products

Not just a solution, but the best

Our best-of-breed approach combines two outstanding systems in their respective fields, SAP hybris for ecommerce and Cumulus for digital asset management. The integration of Cumulus and SAP hybris Commerce meets the needs of all standard applications and can be configured to support highly sophisticated projects. The search and navigation features of Cumulus are available for faster access to digital assets directly from hybris. For video asset management, a fully integrated Content Delivery Network (CDN) is available.

What’s needed to begin? To synchronize Cumulus and hybris, you need an installation of Cumulus, the Canto Integration Platform, an SAP hybris Commerce system and the HyCumulus Extension. The integration is available for versions 5.4 and 5.5 and up of the SAP hybris commerce solution and for Cumulus 10.0 and higher.


Combine the best systems with Cumulus