Create creative content fast

With the integration of inMotion and Cumulus marketing and creative teams can accelerate their workflow significantly. Gone are the days when large images and brand elements had to be downloaded from one tool and uploaded to another. Spend less time managing multiple tools, and focus on creating excellent content.

Technically, with only two clicks, the files are uploaded through an automated exchange from Cumulus to inMotion and are ready to be processed there. Team members from marketing and creative departments can run files from Cumulus through the inMotion online proofing and approval tool.

integration workflow

inMotion and Cumulus communicate via RESTful web services

Central Media Library for inMotion

With the inMotion and Cumulus integration, marketing and creative teams can easily share files that are stored in Cumulus for project work. Depending on the rights and roles of the user, project participants have appropriate access to the centralized media library to get all relevant project assets – such as photography, logos, fonts, design layouts and more.

Technically, in Cumulus a new category is created as soon as a project request is started. The projects are backed up immediately, keep everything structured in a meaningful way and remain accessible at all times.

upload window

Always access to the Cumulus media library

Keep track of file versions and project status at any time

The files can be retrieved from Cumulus and / or inMotion, so that project teams always work with the same current assets. Teams no longer have to rely on email attachments and FTP uploads to move large, important digital assets. On the one hand, the IT department gets happy happy; on the other hand end users love seeing all the tracked versions and audit trail of a file and better overall project transparency.

With this time-saving integration, project participants always work with the latest version of an asset. Content for both active and completed projects is stored securely and is always searchable. Files can be searched by keyword and category, as well as other dynamic filters and customizable searches. Previews simplify finding the right content.


Keep track of all project files during the whole workflow

Share finished assets easily via self-service portals

Place finished assets into a lightbox (collection). Then easily share the collection of finished materials with selected contacts, customers and partners via a download URL. Or publish your projects in Cumulus Portals for self-service search and download. With flexible access rights you’re protecting valuable assets at any time.

With Cumulus Portals there are no extra costs for reading and downloading requests to consume your digital content. Cumulus Portals is mobile-responsive, built for more than a thousand concurrent users and is highly scalable. With CSS and HTML, Portals can be easily configured to match your corporate design.

distribution portal

Make completed projects available via Cumulus Portals