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Cumulus and Cross-Media Publishing Platform vjoon K4

Streamline your media publishing workflows with robust search and archival functionality in Cumulus.

Swiftly create publications

With the Cumulus and vjoon K4 integration creative’s can access all images or documents to streamline publishing workflows within the cross-media publishing platform. Teams can compile and capture all their information, images and URLs needed for an impending story within a Cumulus collection and get started generating initial layouts and articles or rough drafts. Create customized image workflows and automate image processing with Cumulus.

Archive, search and distribute created publications

Once a publication is developed, designers can easily archive them directly into Cumulus, so the rest of the organization has access to the latest version. Utilizing the full text and keyword search capability in Cumulus, you’ll find assets easily and fast to reuse.

K4 Screenshot Cumulus Integration

Improve publishing workflows with Cumulus and vjoon.