Vproof Bridge

Vproof screenshot

Collaborate with Cumulus and Vproof Bridge

Control all digital assets and virtual proofing through a single production environment with Vproof Bridge by Moksa.

Experience real-time collaboration

Content owners, creators and producers can collaborate online in real-time with a single, intuitive web interface using the Vproof Bridge for Cumulus. Designers can quickly, extract assets from Cumulus, make edits and then easily check them back into to Cumulus – so the sales team has access to the latest version. Manage print jobs from conception to delivery and receive notification alerts when an image or brochure has been approved or updated. Create new assets or edit existing images or documents with the Vproof Bridge by Moksa and easily make them available to your team in Cumulus.

Vproof screenshot

Collaborating on video productions is easier with annotations using Vproof Bridge by Moksa.