Marketing Asset Distribution

Deliver projects on time and distribute assets with ease using our marketing collaboration software. Upload your files to custom branded portals in any format and connect with teams, agencies, distributors, and customers.

Our marketing asset management solutions will help you connect the files that matter most to your company with the people who matter the most.

Powerful Features For Better Marketing Collaboration

  • File Version Control
  • Marketing Collaboration
  • Keyword Search and Filtering
  • Easy Brand Management
  • Cataloging & Categorization
  • Approval Process Control
  • Search Within Documents
  • Direct File Downloads
  • Social Sharing Integration
  • Adobe InDesign Plugin
  • Usage Reporting & Analytics
  • Video Asset Management

Flight Streamlines Marketing Collaboration

“It is an easy and safe way to share important documents with team members. You are able to track who has seen it as well as downloads and other reporting. You are able to collaborate with your team in a seamless fashion and keep your conversations secure. It can handle any type of media file and arrange them for you as well.”

Uruba N.

Global Brands Have Been Trusting Canto for Over 20 Years